Another bizarre comedy night

True to my word I agreed to sell tickets on the door at the local Comedy Night last night. It was a strange night and I have to say I'm not inclined to go back with or without selling tickets.

When I arrived my first job was to lay paper tablecloths onto the tables. I must have led a sheltered life but I never knew that these paper tablecloths came in rolls like a giant kitchen roll. They were completely impossible to tear in a straight line and I was rather ashamed of my efforts.

The comedy was due to start at 8.30 but by 8.25 there were only 3 customers and one of those was my friend D who with me had got free entrance. 14 others eventually joined but it was a much smaller crowd than the month before.

During the first two acts I sat outside with the tickets hearing the acts through the door. I have to say I couldn't decide whether to listen (which lacked something in not being able to see them and didn't seem very funny) or get my course work out and study (but I couldn't concentrate and it felt wrong even though no-one could see me).

In the second half I was part of the audience. I was a bit nervous as had spoken to several of the comedians earlier in the evening when they had passed me at my ticket desk on their way to the gents and had made some remark or other about the lack of customers. I was a bit worried that I had drawn myself to their attention and as I was sitting near the front they would make some remark. I had nothing to worry about. They were more concerned with 2 drunk girls who were continually interrupting and ad-libbing plus talking across the room to the heckler from the first half. I really don't think the comedians knew how to deal with the situation.

I realise I haven't even mentioned the comedians but I'm afraid apart from Luke Graves who was quite cute I didn't really rate any of the comedians.

Apart from catching up with friends K and D I can't really say I enjoyed the evening. Last month had been so unexpected with a good atmosphere, free Ouzo, plate smashing and Greek dancing that this month had a lot to live up to and it just didn't do it for me.